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Friday, September 25, 2009

Lots of Signs of Autumn

Although there are signs of summer left, Autumn is definately showing signs of occupancy. In fact taking over the few remnants of summer color that remain.

The Rhotodendron is changing its color

One tree's color  changed a lot, the other's only a little so far.
Nice profile of the bat house, to which no bats have bee attracted. Well, actually one bat has expressed an interest but her inquiry was unpleasant but then again she must be forgiven, for she is a very old bat, indeed.   ;-)

I got the acorns but I forgot to photograph the oak tree.

We have one maple in our yard that every year seems to think it's mide October, instead of late September. Most of its leaves have fallen off and crumpled up into brittle curls. 

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Claude said...

Maple is Canada tree! In my youth, every year, I would collect autumn leaves, place them carefully in the pages of books, then send some to all my European penpals with my Christmas wishes. I still have some in books, probably 60 years old....