I'm a messy gardener. Don't let the lovely macros I sometimes deliver to my photo blog fool you. Over-all, my garden is low-budget, low-maintenance and there are times when I talk to the weeds. :-)

A journal of our humble New England garden. Dedicated to W.P., with love.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

It didn't occur to me to take a "before" shot but you should've seen the tangled mess and old oak leaves in this bed along the back of the house. At least I can now envision what I can plant there. I was thinking gladioli. I planted some for the first time along one of the other large beds. I want to see how they'll do. 

We put in tomato plants in with the flowers and herbs this year. The gladioli bulbs are to the left of the these. A week later, I've not seen anything grow up from the ground that indicates the glads will grow well.


The Summer Kitchen Girls said...

We were out putzing around in our gardens today - Karrie's hubby had brought us home lots of tomato plants, so that, and some basil that we both picked up (as well as some more flowers....we are both suckers for flowers!) were planted tonight - it was so cool and pleasant - we couldn't resist!!

JM said...

Beautiful flower shots! Love your wooden chairs (can't remember the name now) and, once again, what a view!

Vincent said...

I love the concept of your blog, Pagan, and the execution too!

Gina said...

Kitchen Girls - plants are hard to resist! They just about whisper my name... ;-)

JM - thank you! They're called Adirondack chairs and they are falling apart! Have to invest in some new ones.

Vincent - I'm so glad you discovered my little oasis! Thank you for leaving a comment. Truly.