I'm a messy gardener. Don't let the lovely macros I sometimes deliver to my photo blog fool you. Over-all, my garden is low-budget, low-maintenance and there are times when I talk to the weeds. :-)

A journal of our humble New England garden. Dedicated to W.P., with love.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Outside in the Yard Today

 A neighbor stops to look at the view

Which is like pea soup today.

 The wisteria finally bloomed after five years. So worth waiting for.

 A new rosebush that isn't in the ground because of so much rain today.

 And Iris from our plant shopping trip on Saturday to Five Acre Farm, my favorite greenhouse.

"Fire Bird"


Mama Zen said...

Oh, I covet your wisteria!

Linda said...

the wisteria is enough for any... and your azalea, they will not do that here.lucky lucky you...? i did not know of this blog but love how you have dedicated it to WP...sweet you.♥

blogger is eating my comments today but shall try once more for you. xox

Linda said...

did not mean the "?" after your azalea-it's stunning and quickens the heart of anyone, gardener or non...xx

JM said...

Lovely composition with the colourful umbrella matching the prayer flags on top.