I'm a messy gardener. Don't let the lovely macros I sometimes deliver to my photo blog fool you. Over-all, my garden is low-budget, low-maintenance and there are times when I talk to the weeds. :-)

A journal of our humble New England garden. Dedicated to W.P., with love.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

The River...

from our front yard, on a recent cloudy day


JM said...

You have this fantastic view every single day? Wow, lucky you! :-)

joehebden said...

An atmospheric shot.

Tony nile life said...

I am a camelthorn. but used to be a Leek.
And once had a similar view from my windows.
Today I look at the eternal river and its past controllers home or one of them.

Pagan Sphinx said...

I'm sorry to not have noticed I had comments on this blog! A nice surprise and thank you!

JM: yes, we do see this everyday. But in back of us and beside us, there are other houses. Still, the view really makes it feel like an oasis.

joe: Thanks.

Tony: Camelthorn has a pretty little flower. I just looked it up.